List of Adjectives

Welcome to the internet’s finest collection of adjectives. An adjective is a descriptive word or phrase, like “sunny” or “red” or “hard-working.” Without adjectives, it would be a lot harder to talk about the world. How else could we critique music and describe our favorite foods? Study our adjective lists to improve your descriptive writing and speech.

Today’s List:

1 preanalytical

2 woaden

3 carminic

4 periplanar

5 electroneutral

6 rasorial

7 filmiest

8 unknightlike

9 calciferous

10 unminable

11 grueling

12 lycophytic

13 rovibrational

14 pleasureful

15 indefinite-article

16 theophilosophic

17 delightsome

18 Rhenish

19 humble

20 gyreful